HP PhotoBook

Use this free app to view and edit photobooks directly on your iPad.

HP Labs has developed a unique new photobook creation tool for the iPad.  Instead of creating books by hand, you simply point us to your photos, and the HP Photobook application will create a photobook for you.  The application excludes duplicates and poor quality photos automatically and auto-crops the remaining photos to add visual interest to your book.  Our template-free layout engine automatically arranges any number and shape of photos on each page and enables easy, drag-and-drop editing.  Once you've finished editing a book, you can print or share it with others.  

What You Can Do
  • Use your photos from Facebook, Flickr, or the iPad to create your book.
  • Add, delete, and rearrange photos on a page.
  • Use the unique “Shuffle” capability to view alternative layouts for a page.
  • Add text captions to the book and have the layout automatically adjust to make space for the text.
  • Try out different background designs.
  • Preview your book on the iPad directly.
  • Share your books with your friends via email.
  • Print your books on your own printer using Apple's Airprint
  • Share and print your books using HP's MagCloud service
  • Do it all easily, using the swipe and tap interface of your iPad.





1. How can I share my photobook?
A:  You can share via email by converting the photobook into PDF format and then sending the PDF to a friend.  You can also share and print your photobooks using HP's MagCloud website, or even print the photobook locally using Apple's Airprint.


2. Who are you guys, anyway?
A:  We are a team of researchers at HP Labs working on technologies to enable new multimedia experiences, and this application is one example of our work.  You can find out more about us at


3. How can I give you feedback on the app?
A:  You can leave feedback through Apple’s app store or by sending us email directly at hp.photobook@hp.com